VIP 1:1 Tutoring

Help your child achieve more!

The 2020/2021 academic year will undoubtedly be like no another! Our VIP package provides the best 1:1 support, ensuring your child does not fall behind but instead, thrives! We guarantee that your child will leave each session feeling successful and more confident!

Your child will have the full support of their own private teacher who will guide them through any challenging topics in a fun and engaging manner and ultimately transform them into a successful and confident learner! Having a private tutor is an incredible investment in your child’s education and future.

What to expect

Your child will be gently assessed by a primary teacher who will then spend time creating a personalised education plan to entirely support your child’s needs and goals. The lessons will be planned to target any gaps in your child’s learning and presented to complement your child’s individual learning style. Children are more likely to engage with learning when it is more targeted to them and appeals to their interests!

After your child completes each block of learning I will carry out an assessment which will then inform the next steps of your child’s learning journey. You will receive weekly feedback on your child’s progress along with video feedback on any homework submitted.

All of our lessons are delivered using Microsoft for Education, as found in schools around the world. We use the best technology available to us to ensure your child is receiving a high quality, interactive learning experience.

VIP Features

Individual Education Plan

We assess your child’s strengths, needs and behaviours to create an education plan that is unique to your child, ensuring they achieve success quickly.

Having fun is a priority in our lessons and as a result, our students stay fully engaged, soaking up all of the learning opportunities we provide.
Learning improves when students are inquisitive, interested or inspired. Our tutors use highly effective strategies to encourage this.

Growth Mindset

We transform our students ideas and experiences of learning through a positive mindset method.

We teach our students that their brain is a muscle which is capable of change and growth. When students understand that they can get smarter, they put more effort into their learning.

We place an emphasis on activities that develop a growth mindset in our lessons. A growth mindset amongst children will empower them to realise the joys of learning and understanding new topics!

Microsoft 365 for Education

We provide free access to all of the Microsoft programs, including Microsoft Teams which we use as our virtual classroom and a personal Mighty Minds Tutoring account for communication.
This ensures the utmost privacy when tutoring your child online, with the highest standards in security and compliance.

Your child will love exploring the different Microsoft apps available – empowering them to learn more!

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