Home School Support

We work with homeschool parents to determine your child’s specific needs and develop a plan tailored to support you and your child throughout the term.
Home School Support is on an on-going weekly basis, with a minimum sign up of 6 weeks.
This package requires an initial consultation with one of our teachers before sign up.


At the beginning of the week you and your child can look forward to a live Microsoft Teams meeting with your teacher.
They will walk you through each new area of learning and model highly effective strategies for your child to use when completing the work independently.
Your child will then be set various learning tasks to be completed throughout the week. These will cover specific areas of the curriculum such as grammar, reading, writing, spelling and mathematics. Your teacher will be available to support you and your child throughout the week so you can relax and focus on ensuring your child enjoys their learning!
At the end of the week your child can get excited to share his/her week with the teacher, who will review the work completed and provide feedback to you and your child.

Additional information

Individual Education Plan

We assess your child’s strengths, needs and behaviours to create an education plan that is unique to your child, ensuring they achieve success quickly.
We will support you and your child as they encounter new and exciting learning challenges throughout the week.
We end each week on a high by celebrating success, providing feedback and planning next steps for progression.

Growth Mindset

We transform our students ideas and experiences of learning through a positive mindset method.
We teach our students that their brain is a muscle which is capable of change and growth. When students understand that they can get smarter, they put more effort into their learning.
We place an emphasis on activities that develop a growth mindset in our lessons. A growth mindset amongst children will empower them to realise the joys of learning and understanding new topics!

Microsoft 365 for Education

We provide free access to all of the Microsoft programs, including Microsoft Teams which we use as our virtual classroom and a personal Mighty Minds Tutoring account for communication.
This ensures the utmost privacy when tutoring your child online, with the highest standards in security and compliance.
Your child will love exploring the different Microsoft apps available – empowering them to learn more.

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