Groups and Programs

Our groups and programs are aimed at helping students receive that “extra support”. These are specially designed classes to flag any content that your child might not have covered in school or that they may have forgotten. We take a small step approach, focusing on an essential topic of learning in each session.

A minimum of 6 students is required for the group to run – What about getting your children’s friends involved to form a group together?
Sessions will last 55 minutes.

All prices are displayed in $ USD.

Learning collaboratively is motivating to many children. We are all social beings and collaboration is a natural activity. Without consciously thinking about it, we talk, listen, share ideas, help, support, challenge and motivate each other. Our group lessons capitalize on this natural tendency and make learning more effective. Working together in a team prepares children for the kind of collaboration that is necessary in today’s workplace. Working in a small group is enjoyable, motivating and provides a safe place for children to express their thinking and ask questions.

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