Phonics Intervention

Is your child struggling with reading?

Are you concerned your child doesn’t have the phonics knowledge they need to successfully read new words? This may leave you feeling worried and jumping to assumptions on how this will affect your child’s future and adult life. I want to reassure you that you are not alone! At LEAST 20% of children have difficulty learning to read. Throughout my teaching career I’ve worked with lots of children who have reading difficulties. Let me put your mind to rest – they’ve all learned to read! Learning phonics comes easily for some students, but it can be a real challenge for others.

I love getting kids excited about reading and writing and I can’t wait to equip your child with effective strategies to help them apply their phonics learning to real reading!

What to expect

 We match our phonics intervention to your child’s level of word knowledge. To do this we must first gently assess your child to find out what phonics patterns they already know. This allows us to pitch our phonics intervention at exactly the right level. We do this through fun games and activities. 

Too often classroom teachers cannot achieve this when they have up to 30 other students and limited time available. By enrolling your child in our phonics intervention you are providing your child with the dedicated support they need to feel confident in their learning and to open them up to the magic world of reading!

Phonics Intervention Features


Our online phonics program enables our teachers to deliver lessons in a fun and engaging way, using a wide variety of activities. Your child will be fully immersed in the lesson whilst the teacher uses fun phonics strategies to bring letters, sounds and words to life! Using effective strategies for phonemic awareness instruction is a must when helping struggling readers.


Our phonics intervention is matched to your child’s level of word knowledge. In our initial session we will gently assess letter sounds, letter names, digraph sounds, and a spelling assessment. This allows our teachers to pitch the phonics intervention at exactly the right level.
As your child progresses through our program, our teachers will continually assess and adapt the lessons to meet your child’s needs.

Builds Confidence

Developing reading confidence is key for long-term reading success! Our lessons focus on small steps so children can feel successful in their learning. We celebrate success along the way, raising your child’s self-esteem!
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