Groups and Programs

What are our Groups?

Our group and club programs are small group lessons aimed at closing gaps in your child’s learning, refreshing their memory or challenging them to achieve more.

Your child will work through different topics in a fun learning environment surrounded by like-minded peers. Not only will our Group lessons or Program give your child the essential revision that they need, it will build their confidence in learning and develop them further ensuring they feel more prepared in the classroom and beyond. We use a small step approach when teaching, this is designed to ensure that students will come back to topics time and time again, both within the study of the same area and in other areas so that they will continue to deepen their understanding and commit these skills to their long term memory.

The Benefits of Small Group Tuition

Learning collaboratively is motivating to many children. We are all social beings and collaboration is a natural activity. Without consciously thinking about it, we talk, listen, share ideas, help, support, challenge and motivate each other. Our group lessons capitalize on this natural tendency and make learning more effective. Working together in a team prepares children for the kind of collaboration that is necessary in today’s workplace. Working in a small group is enjoyable, motivating and provides a safe place for children to express their thinking and ask questions.

Group and Program Features


Our groups will provide your child with the revision and consolidation needed in their learning to succeed in the school and beyond! By working through familiar topics with a teacher your child will have many ‘lightbulb’ moments as topics finally become clear and learning starts to get exciting!

Individual Accountability

In our group lessons we make sure that we do not have any passengers. We achieve this by ensuring each student is individually accountable as well as collectively accountable. When this is achieved the research evidence suggests that it can approximately double the speed of student learning.

Builds Confidence

Our groups have a maximum of 10 students; this provides a safe place for our students where they feel confident sharing their thinking and asking questions. Without so many eyes on them, shy students can start taking small risks.
This confidence is essential to student’s success in college and the workplace.

Cost Effective

Our Groups cost less than one to one tuition, whilst still ensuring your child receives a high quality learning experience surrounded by enthusiastic peers. Why not invite your child’s friends to sign up to the same club!
Payment plans available for our programs if necessary.

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