Personalised, High Quality Online Teaching and Learning for Students aged 5 - 15



We support children to overcome learning barriers, bridge the gaps in their learning and empower them to unleash their Mighty Minds!



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VIP 1:1 Tutoring

With our VIP package your child will receive an education plan bespoke to them. This will be created by one of our qualified teachers, specifically designed to close any gaps in your child's learning and will be developed around their individual learning style.

Groups and Clubs

Group Lessons and Clubs are aimed at helping students receive that "extra support". These are specially designed classes to flag any content that your child might not have covered during the school closures period or that they may have forgotten. We focus on an essential topic of learning in each session. For further information on classes and our schedule, click below.

Phonics Intervention

Our phonics intervention program is for children who are struggling with early reading and writing. We have experienced phonics coordinators equipped with highly effective strategies to help your child overcome any difficulties they are having in early literacy.